Ninja Squad Board Game

Backspindle Games


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This is Ninja Squad Board Game made by the good people over at BackSpindle Games.

In a fast paced game of sneaky moves and rooftop risks, the Ninja must team up to reach the Shogun's Palace- But when their mission is complete, it's every Ninja for themselves as they race to escape the city before dawn. 

Includes 4 Ninja Miniatures, 6 Double-Sided playing boards, 1 Shogun Palace Playing Board, 27 Lantern Cubes, 18 Senjutsu Cubes, 60 Movement Cards, 1 First Player Ninja Star, 1 Alarm Tracker Token, 16 Black Meeple Guards, 8 Red Meeple Guards, 12 Alarm Cards, 12 Senjutsu Cards, 30 Buki Cards, 12 Wana Tokens, 4 Fire Tokens

A great game for casual competitive play!

Game Time: 30 minutes

Players: 2-4

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed