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Welcome To The What’s On Your Radar Podcast! We’re here to break down this week news in nerdery from our perspectives hoping to yield, through our collective knowledge of collectibles and pop culture, new and exciting revelations and anticipations of what’s here and what's to come. 

Cast Of Characters

I’m Nate, I’m in shipping and receiving at Radar Toys’ Warehouse. My passion for Music, Games, TV shows, Movies, and Pop-Culture just adds to my often punny interruptions to serious topics and important conversations. I’m here for the laughs. If we get something done, that’s cool too.
I’m Ron, I work at the Warehouse for Radar Toys. I am a nerdy educator with a love for all things comic, gaming, and movie related. Working for years in Eastern Kentucky including bringing a Comic Convention to a city, I am hoping to share my passion, some knowledge and fun facts I've learned along the way to my friends here at the shop and to the listeners.
I’m Nick, I helped open the first physical store for Radar Toys and am a Project Manager for Radar Toys. Through my knowledge of collecting, store interactions with everyday people, and my positive outlook on the future of toys, I aspire to bring more fun experiences for everyone to enjoy!

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